It should be formed in 900 AD Turba Philosophorum /assembly of philosophers– written by OOTO, they were the assembled philosophers who began the order.

Avicenna – father of modern medicine, Persian polymath – part of OOTO

Robert of chester -translated Arabic and Islamic texts into latin – part of OOTO and brought this text to europe.

All began as a forward thinking group of men and women that wrote the turba Philo. OOTO developed into a society of people who wanted to develop their understanding of alchemy, astronomy, astrology and philosophy to better the human race in terms of knowledge, longlasting vitality, and peaceful progress in technologies, dedicated to the advancement of humans. They also believed that combining the correct combination of elements would lead them to the spirit world to allow them to learn more about arcane magic and reveal the secrets from the lost philosphers and thinkers of the past. The ideas and knowledge of whom books and texts have never been recorded and lost to time.

Avicenna, the Persian polymath was a member of the OOTO and brought the ideas that sparked the beginning of modern medicine, with the goal of human advancement through longevity and vitality. He is rumoured to be one of the original Alpha Masters of the OOTO.

The OOTO spread into Europe after Robert of Chester translated the Arabic book the composition of alchemy into Latin. This inspired and lead to other OOTO members such as Gerard of Cremona of Italy translating texts such as the Turba Philo and Avicenna’s texts into

Latin, after finding these curious books in hidden compartments in the library of Toledo which bore the OOTO insignia.

Gerard met an English philosopher and mathematician within the Toledo library named Adelard of Bath who was studying Greek and Arabic texts to translate at the time. Gerard required the assistance of his mathematical skills in order to decipher the Arabic numeral system he had discovered in the secret texts he had found. Adelard happily obliged and enlightened Gerard with his numerical knowledge and in return Adelard was accepted into the OOTO and given the task to bring this knowledge as a member of the OOTO to new and like minded people in western Europe including France and England where he also studied.

The OOTO has been gradually spreading and increasing it’s numbers since this time.


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